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Designing the Utili-Tee for Everyday Functionality

The Utili-Tee: The quintessential, everyday t-shirt reimagined for functionality and style designed for everyday San Francisco. Features large slant welt pockets and 11 oz. 9.4 oz 100% mixed French terry fabric. The Utili-Tee has two large pockets on the lower half that rest right above the hips.


The T-shirt has been an essential piece in every wardrobe since it's inception. Due to it's simple construction, it has a place in every wardobe. Because it's worn so frequently and applicable in any out fit, the longevity of the standard T-shirt tends to be very short. An eventual consequence of over production in fashion.

Development Process

The goal of the Utili-Tee was to redesign the T-shirt in a way that improved its longevity, so the wearer could wear it continually without it losing shape or wearing down. In addition, we sought to adapt the traditional T-shirt in order to fit the every day needs of the modern wearer. Waist level pockets were considered to hold every day items. In this way, the wearer less restriction in their pants, thus more mobility.


In order for the Utili-Tee to hold the weight of everyday items such as: iphone, keys, wallets, it needed to be constructed out of a material that was both strong and flexible so that it's shape wouldn't be distorted by the weight of its contents. This factor also tied into the longevity of the Utili-Tee. Stronger the material, the longer it would last. Consequently, the material needed to be breathable to avoid excessive sweating from the sturdy material.


Designing and manufacturing the Utili-Tee is only one aspect of the development process. To test it's efficacy, we took it out on a test run. View it in the Utili-Tee lookbook post. Wearing the Utili-Tee out to a day of activity with contents in the waist pockets to test how well it held the items, and it's comfortability.

Collection: TNG-001 FW16

Design - Photography - Styling: Tomoya Saisu