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Unveiling Tangible's First Menswear Collection
CCSF Odyssey: TNG-001 Collection Showcase
Development Process

Tangibles showcased its first menswear collection at the CCSF Fashion Show SS18.Conceptually, T adhered to Tangibles' core theme of functionality applied to 20th century American workwear garments. The foundational rigid materials created strong geometric shapes in the silhouette. Using the stronger fabric to structure the overall shape, T experimented with materials that had a loose, flowy construction to contrast the rigid nature foundation of the garment.

Melodic Resonance

While working on the line, T listened to House (music) mixtapes. Through the hours and hours of listening, T noticed that tracks were layered subtle sounds under the main beat to create a different texture in the song. It was interesting how such a subtle sound could highlight an aspect of the main sound in focus. Contrarily, a sound could raise itself to prominence by drastically contrasting the sound in the foreground.


House music mixtapes as an experience were spliced together to create a consistent flow, which was how T designed his line. He accomplished this by using a variety of materials with unique characteristics that were connected under the theme of monochrome tone. By comparing and contrasting these pieces, highlighting the differences, mixing in the similarities, he created fashion line version of a House mixtape. T emulated the variations in the timbre, tone, and texture in the music with the various characteristics of the fabric.


Much thanks to the models who walked the runway, and Robert Silver, the photographer of the runway shots. The development of a full line, along with the management that comes with showcasing it was a great experience. At the end of it all, T was awarded a full scholarship to the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Collection: TNG-001_MR FW18

Photography: Robert Silver

Design: Tomoya Saisu